The Adventures of Pete Poharsky, Polish Pirate!

I got my hands on some pirate rules, ‘And a Bottle of Rum’, from Two Hour Wargames, and after taking way too much time painting figures and building scenery, finally started a campaign.  I’ve decided to play the career of a young Pole who has left Europe for adventure in the Caribbean.

Week 1:  Seeking a Ship

Pete, having freshly arrived in Kings-port, is attempting to buy a ship and gather a crew intent on plundering treasure ships bringing gold and silver from the new world.  Unfortunately, he finds that the only ship available for sale is far more expensive than his meager funds can afford, so he does the next best thing and goes carousing.  While slaking his thirst at the Salty Bitch Tavern, he meets Ubuntu Linux, an escaped slave currently signed as first mate to a 4th rate merchant ship captained by Sir Reginald Twat, a man notorious for the unfair mistreatment of his crew.  Ubuntu recruits Pete as a carpenter loyal to himself rather than to Sir Reginald.  Mischief is afoot!

Pete enters town.  Ships are from Raven’s Blight printed at 200%, figures are Freebooter’s Fate, buildings are scratch built using plans from Matakishi’s Teahouse jungle huts.


Week 2: Sailing to Montezuma Bay

Ubuntu’s plan was simple:  Deliver the supplies to Montezuma Bay and then throw Reginald Twat overboard on the return trip!  Sea travel in this system is a simple dice mechanic; throw out some Possible Enemy Forces on the seas and roll for everybody’s movement.  As this is an established trade route, I decided on an Area Activity Level of 4 out of 5.

Rolling for the first PEF, it moved parallel to me; must be another merchant on the same run.  The second PEF was a different story – it moved straight towards me, so now I had to roll 2d6 to determine it’s class, it came up as a 3rd rate Merchant.  That meant a 1d6 roll on which a result of 1 would be pirated.  Naturally, as I had a simple plan to go awry, I rolled a 1.

I moved to the chase tables.  Twat’s ship, Priscilla, rolled 2 successes and the pirates only 1, so the pirate ship moved (away) from “Ship bearing down on us, sir!” to “Sail on the Horizon!”.  Rolls for turn 2 were identical, so the pirates lost contact with Priscilla and the voyage continued.

The next turn saw 2 PEFs sail within sight, but turned out to be “Empty Seas!”.  Finally, the voyage was complete.

Week 3: In Port at Montezuma Bay

Pete’s only trip ashore was as part of a work gang retrieving lumber for ship repairs.

Week 4: Sailing back to Kings-Port

To be continued…


Not-So-Secret Project

I’m putting together a game to be run at Connooga (1-3 March 13) and have finally decided, with the help of the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo Group, to run All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out.  This is a lot more realistic than, for instance, Zombicide, which is a great game with the awesome miniatures I’m using for both games.

Here’s my Zombicide survivors with the zombies in the background,


Now ATZ is a slower paced game than Zombicide and is more about a survival campaign than video game fun.  So, I asked my Darling Bride, “where’s the first two places you would go if we really had a zombie apocalypse?”  Her answer was, “Bass Pro Shops for ammunition and Kroger for food.”

While both stores are quite large and would make a great gaming centerpiece, Bass Pro Shops offers just way too easy pickings for survival gear, so I opted for Kroger.  My Kroger will be 20″ x 20″, which should be sufficient for the players to find trouble.  I present to you the Kroger prototype fixtures.

Gamer’s Garage Sale

I’ve finally gotten almost everything unpacked following our two-moves-in-six-months into the new and improved man cave.  Finally, I’ve had a chance to go through everything which was rather hastily packed back in April and have discovered some items for which I see no need in the future.

First off is a 15mm army on “common” basing, suitable for DBx, FoG, RRtK:

I bought this army “as is” about six or seven years ago; I did not paint it nor is it up to my minimum painting standards.  Also this army is OLD, as in made of lead and many of the sculpts are rather substandard by today’s standards.

Having played neither FoG nor RRtK, I will describe these in DBx terms.

24 stands Light Horse

5 stands Bw(x) (spear / crossbow) including 2 standard bearers

9 stands Bw

19 stands Sp plus two figures left over when I made the Bw(X)

4 stands Cv

4 stands Kn(X) (Cataphracts)

42 stands Ps(O) yes, fourty-two stands of skirmishers with bows (there are some crossbows mixed in there)

6 stands Baggage

All this can be yours for any reasonable offer including postage.

Clickable images:

Matching Sp(O), Bw(X) and Ps(H)
Spearmen are always useful
Best looking spear in the army, they look more like Pk(X)
Sp with cardstock shields
The star of the show – horse archers
General’s chariot in need of repair
The ugliest figures in the army
Red horse archers
White skirmishers
Blue horse archers
Yellow skirmishers

Assassination by Democracy

Inspired by the threats of riots just before the US Presidential election, I decided to play one out for myself.  I used primarily the rules 5150: New Beginnings from Two Hour Wargames, and thanks to THW owner Ed Texiera, I added in the mob rules from the All Things Zombie supplement Haven.

Jerry Rivers reporting for The Wolverine News Network
This is Jerry Rivers reporting for The Wolverine News Network from just outside the Aquaport Hotel in downtown New Hope City where we are awaiting the arrival of the controversial Governor of New Hope, Barry Kony, here to deliver his victory speech following his unexpected re-election. The crowd is quiet, but there is a heightened police presence following threatening Tweeter messages from suspected members of the Coffee Clash movement.


The motorcade is arriving
The motorcade is arriving, interrupting the entrance of spectators to the speech.
The Secret Service is leading in the Gubernatorial party.
The Secret Service is leading in the Gubernatorial party. Governor Kony and his wife Michelle, followed by Lieutenant Governor Clinton Kerry and his wife Hillary. The crowd's reaction is rather mixed between cheers and boos.


As the Governor enters the building, a section of the crowd surges forward!
As the Governor enters the building, a section of the crowd surges forward! Special Agent John McClain is the first casualty as the crowd approached, he drew his weapon but it was out of ammo. As McClain was piled on by three rioters, an improvised weapon penetrated his rib cage and he fell, 'Obviously Dead'. At the same time, Second Lady Jill Clinton was knocked down by rioters attempting to attack her husband and she fell 'Out of the Fight'.

At this point, I realized that a crowd of 72 potential rioters against 18 law enforcement officers is a load of bookkeeping, even with the simplicity of the THW reaction system.  I don’t particularly recommend using ‘immersion game’ rules for this scale.  YMMV.

Simultaneous with the southern indoor crowd erupting into violence, the northern most crowds outside also went into action, attacking three police droids.  Failing their reaction tests, none of the police droids were able to offer resistance to their attackers.

Special Agent McClain's final moments
Special Agent McClain's final moments.


The police react by firing tear gas.
The remaining Secret Service agent activates first, sweeping the Governor and Vice Governor both towards their transportation for a quick escape. The police react by firing tear gas towards the outside crowd. The rioters react to the tear gas by showering the escaping politicians with a mix of verbal abuse, beer bottles, bricks, rocks and anything else at hand. Clinton Kerry is struck on the head, falling 'Obviously Dead'. Special Agent William Foster is unable to protect the Governor and both fall 'Out of the Fight' under the barrage of improvised missiles. The indoor crowds begin to chase the politicians outside while the northern crowds move to attack Police Support Droid 0U812 to prevent it firing more tear gas.
The indoor crowd overruns the police droids inside the hotel and tramples the Governor to death.
The indoor crowd overruns the police droids inside the hotel and tramples the Governor to death. Police support droid L33TZ0R is faced with a dilemma in his programming between 'Justifiable Force' and 'Lethal Force'.


With the Governor and Lieutenant Governor both dead and my character, reporter Jerry Rivers, a non-combatant, I decided to call the game and let Jerry finish his live feed.

New Project

Well… it’s been a while since I posted because I’ve been so very busy with so many non-gaming projects.  However… I now have a little bit of time, and the non-gaming projects did happen to involve acquiring gaming gear.  A few weeks back I was contacted by a game developer to playtest some new freebee rules and at the very same time I happened to just get some store credit with

Captain Rodrigo Diego Juan-Pablo "El Puerco" Ricardo Gonzalez Ramirez Hernandez de Abodabo and crew inspect their newly commissioned ship 'La Promesa Obscura" at the Marzullo Shipyards

Miniatures by Freebooter’s Fate.  Ship model by Raven’s Blight, printed at 200%.