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Out With the Old…

All of these figures are gone now, in case you’re looking to buy.   Nearly all of them were sold to a few guys in Texas, whose contact information I’ve lost.  The best chance of contacting them would be the old Excelsior forum if its still operating.

2014 is about to happen, and I’m ready for it… almost.  I’m cleaning up the hobby area and some stuff needs to get gone, so I’m offering it up here.

Prices do not include postage.  Shipping will be in the smallest container that fits an order.

Orcas - $5 each
Orcas – $5 each
Cap Heavy infantry with all 5 specialists $15
Cap Heavy infantry with all 5 specialists $15
Desert Scorpions including Hero in blister $15
Desert Scorpions including Hero in blister $10
Free Marines with hero $10
Free Marines with hero $10
1st Edition Capitol Infantry $5
1st Edition Capitol Infantry $5
Airborne Rangers $10
Airborne Rangers $10
Contagion Colussus conversion $35
Contagion Colussus conversion $35
Blessed Legionaires with Curator - $15
Blessed Legionaires with Curator – $15
Nepharites - $5 each (pick)
Nepharites – $5 each (pick)
Screaming Legoinaires - $10
Screaming Legoinaires – $10
Heretic, Intruder, Sundancer, Metro Prophet - $2 each
Heretic, Intruder, Sundancer, Metro Prophet – $2 each
Cybertronic Machinators - $5
Cybertronic Machinators – $5
Hammerhead conversion - $10
Hammerhead conversion – $10
Cybertronic Shock Troops - $12
Cybertronic Shock Troops – $12
Attilas - $5 for two Cyril Dent - $2
Attilas – $5 for two
Cyril Dent – $2
Sharks and Greys, $2.50 each.
Sharks and Greys, $2.50 each.
Kadavers - $4 for 4
Kadavers – $4 for 4

Not pictured:

Cap Light Infantry with 5 specialists $15 (painted)

Cap Mortars (painted) $10


Imp Trenchers box set $10

Cap Sunset Strikers $10

2nd Edition Martian Banshees with specialists $15

Vince Diamond $2

Dark Huntsmen (2) $1 each

5x Imperial plastics $2 for all 5





I’ve decided that since there is no interest for my Korean DBM army, I’m going to go “IRON MAN” with it!  For those of you unfamiliar with “Iron Man” gaming, I’m going to play a game with the army and if a unit is killed or retreats, it gets permanently killed with a SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!!

Beats giving the army away.  Who wants to see a video battle report?

Not-So-Secret Project

I’m putting together a game to be run at Connooga (1-3 March 13) and have finally decided, with the help of the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo Group, to run All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out.  This is a lot more realistic than, for instance, Zombicide, which is a great game with the awesome miniatures I’m using for both games.

Here’s my Zombicide survivors with the zombies in the background,


Now ATZ is a slower paced game than Zombicide and is more about a survival campaign than video game fun.  So, I asked my Darling Bride, “where’s the first two places you would go if we really had a zombie apocalypse?”  Her answer was, “Bass Pro Shops for ammunition and Kroger for food.”

While both stores are quite large and would make a great gaming centerpiece, Bass Pro Shops offers just way too easy pickings for survival gear, so I opted for Kroger.  My Kroger will be 20″ x 20″, which should be sufficient for the players to find trouble.  I present to you the Kroger prototype fixtures.

New Project

Well… it’s been a while since I posted because I’ve been so very busy with so many non-gaming projects.  However… I now have a little bit of time, and the non-gaming projects did happen to involve acquiring gaming gear.  A few weeks back I was contacted by a game developer to playtest some new freebee rules and at the very same time I happened to just get some store credit with

Captain Rodrigo Diego Juan-Pablo "El Puerco" Ricardo Gonzalez Ramirez Hernandez de Abodabo and crew inspect their newly commissioned ship 'La Promesa Obscura" at the Marzullo Shipyards

Miniatures by Freebooter’s Fate.  Ship model by Raven’s Blight, printed at 200%.





Brewing Trouble

This week I’ve been reading 5150: New Beginnings by Two Hour Wargames, and I came across rules for reporters.  This intrigued me enough that I dug through my minis and uncovered a reporter, film cameraman, sound man and photographer out of the West Wind ‘Nam pack Door Gunners and Press.  (I think that’s the pack).  Anyway, in anticipation of this Friday’s game, I painted them up, and they look MUCH better painted than raw.  This was a speed painting session, and the first minis I’ve painted since last November.  They are definitely not character level.

Jerry Rivers, cameraman ‘Red’ and sound man ‘Buzz’

from the rear


Here’s the last figure from the pack, a photographer I call “Wierd Dennis” because he looks a lot like Dennis Hopper did in Apocalypse Now

The Colonel... he's like beyond everybody's head...

And finally, since there are definitely the possibility of bugs showing up in our patrol zone, one of the two ‘conversions’ I built (partially painted)

The one that did not get away


I’m hoping that we can continue the campaign we started last fall, establishing a firebase in the middle of a rebellion and pacifying the surrounding area.  This is lifted straight from Two Hour Wargames’ FNG: Operations and we’re using 5150 Rebels in place of VC, Hishen in place of NVA and some Grath thrown in to keep things scary for the Stars.








Here’s the final figure from the pack,