The Montagnards

Somewhere in Cambodia….

Wait!  Nope, you can’t be in Cambodia, the US never leaves Viet Nam.

Trust me, it’s all good.

Are you sure?

Positive.  Now, where were we?  Oh yes… Somewhere in Cambodia, a platoon of CIDG Motagnards lead by US Special Forces is performing surveillance on a village looking for PAVN troops.

The platoon was hidden behind a ridge line waiting for the NVA to appear.






A Leiutenant and his platoon HQ appear





A mortar team appears from inside the village






The mortar begins to fire as the Montagnards pour rifle fire at them.





The Lieutenant leads his troops into the treeline possibly seeking his platoon.






Two Montagnards go down Out of the Fight under the mortar fire






Bravo squad begins the pursuit of the Lieutenant






Two of the mortar men are killed Obviously Dead and the third is wounded Out of the Fight







The Lieutenant makes his way up the ridge line under fire from Bravo squad






The Lieutenant goes Out of the Fight, wounded






The last of the HQ section is wounded, Out of the Fight






The final tally is 2 CIDG wounded, 4 NVA KIA, 3 NVA wounded or stunned and captured.  A major US victory.  This was played using FNG from Two Hour Wargames and the game lasted only about 45 minutes.


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