Atlantis is Sinking!

A few months back I found a page on the Irrational Number Line Games site featuring a fun little scenario about escaping the island of Atlantis as an earthquake causes it to sink into the ocean.  Inspired by that, I’ve set out to build my own island.

This will be a multiplayer skirmish, with units of around 4 figures racing and fighting to get to the center of the island.  As a bonus, the last phase of each player’s turn is to remove a piece of the island (because it sank).

First thing, this is The Temple of the Sun, which will be at the center of the island, housing a magic carpet waiting to fly away with the winner of the game.  It’s made from foam blocks I found at the dollar store; the base is poster board.









Here’s the temple base painted with camouflage spray paint.








I also painted the bottoms of the bases so the poster board won’t warp.








Here’s the whole island before painting and flocking








Here’s the island spray painted








A bit of sponge painting on the rocks, and a lot of flocking on the bushes










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