The Adventures of Pete Poharsky, Polish Pirate!

I got my hands on some pirate rules, ‘And a Bottle of Rum’, from Two Hour Wargames, and after taking way too much time painting figures and building scenery, finally started a campaign.  I’ve decided to play the career of a young Pole who has left Europe for adventure in the Caribbean.

Week 1:  Seeking a Ship

Pete, having freshly arrived in Kings-port, is attempting to buy a ship and gather a crew intent on plundering treasure ships bringing gold and silver from the new world.  Unfortunately, he finds that the only ship available for sale is far more expensive than his meager funds can afford, so he does the next best thing and goes carousing.  While slaking his thirst at the Salty Bitch Tavern, he meets Ubuntu Linux, an escaped slave currently signed as first mate to a 4th rate merchant ship captained by Sir Reginald Twat, a man notorious for the unfair mistreatment of his crew.  Ubuntu recruits Pete as a carpenter loyal to himself rather than to Sir Reginald.  Mischief is afoot!

Pete enters town.  Ships are from Raven’s Blight printed at 200%, figures are Freebooter’s Fate, buildings are scratch built using plans from Matakishi’s Teahouse jungle huts.


Week 2: Sailing to Montezuma Bay

Ubuntu’s plan was simple:  Deliver the supplies to Montezuma Bay and then throw Reginald Twat overboard on the return trip!  Sea travel in this system is a simple dice mechanic; throw out some Possible Enemy Forces on the seas and roll for everybody’s movement.  As this is an established trade route, I decided on an Area Activity Level of 4 out of 5.

Rolling for the first PEF, it moved parallel to me; must be another merchant on the same run.  The second PEF was a different story – it moved straight towards me, so now I had to roll 2d6 to determine it’s class, it came up as a 3rd rate Merchant.  That meant a 1d6 roll on which a result of 1 would be pirated.  Naturally, as I had a simple plan to go awry, I rolled a 1.

I moved to the chase tables.  Twat’s ship, Priscilla, rolled 2 successes and the pirates only 1, so the pirate ship moved (away) from “Ship bearing down on us, sir!” to “Sail on the Horizon!”.  Rolls for turn 2 were identical, so the pirates lost contact with Priscilla and the voyage continued.

The next turn saw 2 PEFs sail within sight, but turned out to be “Empty Seas!”.  Finally, the voyage was complete.

Week 3: In Port at Montezuma Bay

Pete’s only trip ashore was as part of a work gang retrieving lumber for ship repairs.

Week 4: Sailing back to Kings-Port

To be continued…


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