Not-So-Secret Project

I’m putting together a game to be run at Connooga (1-3 March 13) and have finally decided, with the help of the Two Hour Wargames Yahoo Group, to run All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out.  This is a lot more realistic than, for instance, Zombicide, which is a great game with the awesome miniatures I’m using for both games.

Here’s my Zombicide survivors with the zombies in the background,


Now ATZ is a slower paced game than Zombicide and is more about a survival campaign than video game fun.  So, I asked my Darling Bride, “where’s the first two places you would go if we really had a zombie apocalypse?”  Her answer was, “Bass Pro Shops for ammunition and Kroger for food.”

While both stores are quite large and would make a great gaming centerpiece, Bass Pro Shops offers just way too easy pickings for survival gear, so I opted for Kroger.  My Kroger will be 20″ x 20″, which should be sufficient for the players to find trouble.  I present to you the Kroger prototype fixtures.


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