Gamer’s Garage Sale

I’ve finally gotten almost everything unpacked following our two-moves-in-six-months into the new and improved man cave.  Finally, I’ve had a chance to go through everything which was rather hastily packed back in April and have discovered some items for which I see no need in the future.

First off is a 15mm army on “common” basing, suitable for DBx, FoG, RRtK:

I bought this army “as is” about six or seven years ago; I did not paint it nor is it up to my minimum painting standards.  Also this army is OLD, as in made of lead and many of the sculpts are rather substandard by today’s standards.

Having played neither FoG nor RRtK, I will describe these in DBx terms.

24 stands Light Horse

5 stands Bw(x) (spear / crossbow) including 2 standard bearers

9 stands Bw

19 stands Sp plus two figures left over when I made the Bw(X)

4 stands Cv

4 stands Kn(X) (Cataphracts)

42 stands Ps(O) yes, fourty-two stands of skirmishers with bows (there are some crossbows mixed in there)

6 stands Baggage

All this can be yours for any reasonable offer including postage.

Clickable images:

Matching Sp(O), Bw(X) and Ps(H)
Spearmen are always useful
Best looking spear in the army, they look more like Pk(X)
Sp with cardstock shields
The star of the show – horse archers
General’s chariot in need of repair
The ugliest figures in the army
Red horse archers
White skirmishers
Blue horse archers
Yellow skirmishers

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