First Firebase Patrol

So after only six months, Eli and I got out the minis to continue the 5150: Star Army campaign we had barely started last fall.  We decided we need to start with a patrol mission or two to get the ball rolling, and this mission did get things moving.

My new but very small gaming table was just barely enough room for a decent patrol mission, so we had one squad from the Ranger platoon sweep an area just outside the firebase perimeter while another squad was on standby in reserve.

The mission required Eli to hit three waypoints; the three far corners of the hexagonal table.

The point man of fire team A crests the first hill and triggers resolution of the first PEF

The first PEF (Possible Enemy Force) turned out to be nothing; maybe a gorthog rooting for bugs. (no, not that kind of bug – yet)

However – PEFs 2 and 3 moved quickly on an intercept heading straight for the advance fire team.

The remaining PEFs are heading straight for the point man

On the next turn, the Star Army did not activate, but the PEFs did.  All the PEFs did was recede back into the tree line.

But… on the next turn, once again Eli failed his activation roll while the PEFs did not.  The PEFs actually headed straight for the lead fire team and did they ever arrive.  The whole platoon of rebels arrived.

Quantity has a quality all of it's own, plus there's Hishen leadership in it's typical position at the rear of the formation.

Eli passed both dice on his In Sight reaction roll and fired at his full target rating.  His primary target was the SAW gunner of the first squad.

The SAW gunner fell Out of the Fight, but everybody else Carried On

In reaction to Eli firing, the rebels opened fire themselves, and we discovered a Problem.  Eli’s unit roster was for Star Army Rangers equipped with Exosuits and the rebel assault rifles couldn’t even scratch the armor no matter how much they shot.  At this point, common sense would have told me to have Eli quickly write up a standard platoon wearing Hard Body Armor, or to give the rebels heavier weapons, but common sense was not with me this afternoon.  I decided that our story would include one final sweep by the Rangers in order to secure the firebase perimeter, and that they had encountered a counterattack by the rebels lead by their Hishen backers.  As their weapons had no effect on the Rangers, the Hishen commander decided that because he had a tremendous numerical advantage, he would engage the Rangers in Hand to Hand combat in an effort to take prisoners.


The first eager rebel arrives, and the Plasma Gunner he engages runs out of ammo at a critical point in the assault.


Both sides duck behind sides of the hill as the rebels close on the Rangers
Soft Body armor is no match for laser rifles and Exosuits. Even outnumbering the Rangers four to one, the rebels lost many troops charging into melee and lost every hand to hand combat

The rebels took about 90% casualties in their failed assault on the rangers.  At this point, I decided that the three Hishen and the one surviving rebel squad leader would disengage and run for their lives.  The squad leader quickly ran to the cover of another hill, but the slow moving Hishen were caught in the open by the pursuing Rangers.  One Hishen leader fell to laser fire and when the other two attempted to return the Star Army fire, they both went out of ammo.

The three Hishen and single rebel squad leader to survive the assault decide it's time to disengage.

Overall, not the most satisfying gaming experience I’ve ever had, but Eli appeared to have had a wonderful time.  In the future we will be much more careful to ensure that both sides actually have a chance of wounding each other.  The reaction system is great, but the force lists may need a bit of tweaking.  Then again, Ed always says to tweak it.


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