Brewing Trouble

This week I’ve been reading 5150: New Beginnings by Two Hour Wargames, and I came across rules for reporters.  This intrigued me enough that I dug through my minis and uncovered a reporter, film cameraman, sound man and photographer out of the West Wind ‘Nam pack Door Gunners and Press.  (I think that’s the pack).  Anyway, in anticipation of this Friday’s game, I painted them up, and they look MUCH better painted than raw.  This was a speed painting session, and the first minis I’ve painted since last November.  They are definitely not character level.

Jerry Rivers, cameraman ‘Red’ and sound man ‘Buzz’

from the rear


Here’s the last figure from the pack, a photographer I call “Wierd Dennis” because he looks a lot like Dennis Hopper did in Apocalypse Now

The Colonel... he's like beyond everybody's head...

And finally, since there are definitely the possibility of bugs showing up in our patrol zone, one of the two ‘conversions’ I built (partially painted)

The one that did not get away


I’m hoping that we can continue the campaign we started last fall, establishing a firebase in the middle of a rebellion and pacifying the surrounding area.  This is lifted straight from Two Hour Wargames’ FNG: Operations and we’re using 5150 Rebels in place of VC, Hishen in place of NVA and some Grath thrown in to keep things scary for the Stars.








Here’s the final figure from the pack,



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