Don’t Wear White in the Woods

Wow.  Five months later I finally post.  Five months later I finally play a wargame.

For this I just threw some trees and a couple buildings on the table and pulled out some Star Wars minis I bought for like fifty cents each.  The rules are “mostly” 5150:Star Army by Two Hour Wargames.  in addition to that fine ruleset is the distortion of my poor memory.

In this scenario, Princess Senator Leia is leading some rebels to raid a Trade Imperium warehouse for supplies.  We’ll call this “Operation Robin Hood”.

Leaving the village
Leia leads her rebels out of the Eewok hunting camp for the short trip through the woods to the supply warehouse

The Rebel raiding party consists of Leia, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian and 3 rebel troopers.  Leia is rep 5 and everybody else is rep 4.  Chewie should have been a rep 5 star now that I think about it.


Chewie takes Lando and a trooper to investigate what he believes may be the mechanical scent of droids

This possible enemy force (PEF) turns out to be nothing but a false alarm.

Meanwhile, Leia takes the other two troopers up the right flank so that the two teams can use a pincers maneuver on the suspected droid defensive position in front of the warehouse.

THW games using PEFs always surprise me, as in this case the forward deployed PEF moved back towards the warehouse and the rearward PEF moved straight towards Chewbacca on the double

This change of positions by the PEFs left my two teams slightly out of position, so on the next activation, I decided that the impetuous Leia would Fast Move her team in order to be in a good flank firing position when Chewbacca encountered the forward PEF.

Sometimes, when fast moving, you move too fast
Sometimes, when fast moving, you move too fast

There is one catch to the Fast Move in 5150, you roll dice to see how far you move, which means different team members move different distances, and in Leia’s case, she moved a little too far and right into Line of Sight for the rear PEF which resolved as a full squad of droids complete with a Advanced Battle droid as fire support.  Naturally, their reaction was to open fire.  Naturally, in true Star Wars fashion, every shot missed… almost every shot.  The second to last shot fired hit Leia, so I rolled for impact which came up with the result “Obviously Dead”.

Lookt that, Zeke, that aint nuthn' but a hole with them that hair buns on tha sides

I could have let Leia’s star power allow her to cheat death, but I decided to see what the other rebels would do.  Her teammates immediately passed zero dice on their Man Down test, and then failed the cohesion test, so off they ran.  On the other side of the forest, I decided that Chewbacca would determine that in facing superior firepower and having lost the element of surprise, his tactical situation was untenable and he would disengage.

Overall, a major victory for the Trade Imperium.




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