The Insertion

This begins a new cooperative campaign as the old campaign went rather… poorly… for Eli and me.

This campaign will be played cooperatively; both of us will be controlling Star Army and PDF troops attempting to establish a firebase and pacify the surrounding territory (using an adaptation of FNG: Operations by Two Hour Wargames).  We will start with Co. A 121st Infantry Regiment (Mechanized) of the 48th Infantry Combat Team, also known as The Blue Bonnet Brigade.  The funniest parts of this are that the 121st and 48th are very real and Eli doesn’t know I’m naming our units for them.

48th RCT Patch
121st Regimental Crest

The scenario of our campaign is that rebellion has risen up on Planet P, fomented by Hishen support.  Many Planetary Defense Force units have sided with the rebelling… miners? farmers?… whatevers…  concluding in civil war.  The 121st has been deployed to the planet in order to support PDF units loyal to the Gaea Prime government.

We begin with 1st PLT Co A / 121st INF (MECH) moving in to establish Firebase Gloria (Eli’s idea, not mine) in order to pacify the region.

The operation was planned in two phases both for the Star Army and for the OPFOR.  The operation initiates with an air assault by 2nd Platoon Co F 2nd BN 75th INF (RANGER) who will secure a perimiter into which 1/A/121 will drive in their APCs.

Now one thing about this battle.  First, we were using two platoons of Star Army, one mechanized to boot, plus seven PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces), second, we got to our FLGS, The Tower, way, way early so we grabbed two tables for a six foot by eight foot battlefield.

Lotsa troops, lotsa maneuver room

The firebase is to be emplaced on the ridge lline in the center of the table, so the rangers were deployed via air assault onto the hill nearest the camera in the above photo, with PEFs all around them.  Our scenario rules dictate that all PEFs resolved on the table with the hills will be in defensive emplacements, and all PEFs resolved on the table with the bridge will be spider holes.

Rangers are deployed, some PEFs are almost visible


PEF Daphne is a squad of rebels

PEF Scooby turns out to be a false alarm

PEF Velma, on the other hand…

PEF Velma was another full squad in defenses3rd Squad made really short work of PEF VelmaThe lone survivor of Velma squad runs away as Daphne squad fights 1st Squad1st Squad took no casualties from Daphne squad

3rd Squad reports the objective is secure

The perimeter is almost secure, except for PEF Fred and Scooby2. Prisoners are secured at the rally point.

PEFs Fred and Scooby2 are encountered by 2nd SquadPEF Scooby2 is a false alarm. PEF Fred is another squad of rebelsFred Squad inflicts the first Star Army casualty of the fight2nd Squad’s support fire team fires in defilade, causing casualtiesReinforcements from HQ move to support 2nd SquadTurn 6: The APCs begin moving in

The unwounded of Fred Squad fail a cohesion test and flee. The wounded are taken prisoner.PEF Shaggy resolves as a rebel with a grenade launcher

PEF Ghost1 resolves as a rocket launcher team which fires with no effect. PEF Ghost2 resolves as a VERY effective Grath HMG team.  1st Squad of the mechanized troops is disabled and down, blocking the road.

HQ element calmly eliminates the rocket launcher team

HQ rolls over two of 1st Squad’s wounded, our first 5150 War Atrocity (Congratulations Eli!)

2nd Squad eliminates the grenade launcher while HQ maneuvers to engage the Grath

The Grath are eliminated, prisoners are taken and the sector of Firebase Gloria is secure.


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