Pushing Back

This week was Eli’s turn for his second defensive battle, which was VERY important to the fate of his campaign.  The forces he drew for this battle were his platoon HQ plus two squads and an APC armed with a rocket launcher.

His mission was to make sure that none of the attacking troops exited off his side of the battlefield.  This was made easier by the fact that he was defending two bridges spanning an uncrossable river.

The Battlefield

Possible Enemy Forces were generated in the South Central and Southeast (2) sectors.  On turn 1, the south central PEF started moving across the bridge and we had our first PEF resolution.Scooby and Shaggy emerge

This first PEF resolved into a squad of Grath and the firefight started immediately.Start Shooting

The Star Army opened fire and the immediate result was one Obviously Dead two Out of the Fight and the Squad Leader was Stunned.  Good Shootin’

As the rest of the Grath were out of line of sight, we moved to resolve the next PEF, which turned out to be a medium tank!We need a bigger gun

I decided to maneuver the tank towards the rear central of the table so that I could access a bridge.  I made it to a certain point and ran out of movement.  At that time, it was Eli’s activation and realizing that his infantry had no antitank weapons, he decided to bring out his APC and take a shot with it’s rocket launcher.  The problem here was that the tank would take an In Sight testThe Showdown

Eli moved the APC into a visible firing position.  I rolled my In Sight test, and…Boxcars!

I blew the roll.  A Pass 0 Dice, Halt in Place result.  Eli then shot the rocket launcher at the tank, and scored a kill!

My phone battery went completely dead at this point, so there’s no more photos either.

Once the tank was killed, it was a simple matter of Eli’s infantry supported by the APC to kill off the Grath and the single squad of Hishen that showed up as reinforcements.

Congratulations to Eli on turning the tide of the war!


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