One More Battle of Defense


I also rolled for weather and we got a torrential downpour lasting the entire length of the battle, plus, it restricted line of sight for everybody to twelve inches.  My mission became the defense of six feet of table width using three eight man alien squads while only being able to spot enemy movement within a foot of my soldiers.  Interesting.

Hot times in the city

Eli and I worked out a little system to see what troops Eli would get when resolving PEFs and reinforcements.  As he is playing the forces of Gaea Prime against my Hishen invasion, there are a lot of potential forces at his disposal.

We had already worked out that I roll a die and on a 1-4 I get Hishen and on a 5-6 I get Grath.

Similarly, Eli would roll 1d6 and on 1-3 get Planetary Defense Force and on 4-6 get Star Army.  If he rolled Star Army, then he would roll another die and on 1-3 it’s Star Army Regulars, 4-5 it’s Symons (Androids) and on a 6 he gets Rangers

First off, I deployed my defensive positions in the buildings all along the “North” table edge (top of the above photo).  Eli rolled for the PEF locations and came up with one in the East edge and two in the center, one just forward of the other.

First Activation, doubles.  Good fun for the whole family!

The doubles special event resolved as an artillery strike on one of my units, specifically a Hishen squad holding my left flank in the Northeast corner of the table.  This squad also happened to include my antitank rocket launcher.  Eli is holding three five inch templates in order to simulate the ten inch template called for by the rules.Not even turn 1

Now the net result is that five troops went Obviously Deat and the other four went Out of the Fight.  Not even turn 1 and my left flank had been completely eliminated.Used to be a squad

So… First activation… I shifted my two remaining squads across four buildings from the center of North table edge spreading East and West.  Then the PEFs move, which results in one PEF coming straight toward the Grath.What have we here?

The PEF resolved into Symans, which suited Eli just fine and he proudly announced that he was representing the Symans with ‘nids for this special occasion.

But wait!  There’s more!  The Symons were further than 12″ from my Grath so nobody could see each other.  So… we went on to the next activation roll and got doubles again.  This time, the random event turned out to be a Hishen spider hole immediately to the front of one of (actually the only) the Gaea Prime units.  Lots of fun ensued at this point.Sorta like a tiny little version of 300. Well, not really.

The situation played out rather predictably for 5150, the Hishen was spotted and the Symons got to react.  They reacted very well and the Hishen never even got out a feeble little battle cry.another casualty

We re-rolled the activation dice and Eli’s troops activated while mine just sorta stood there and gawked, “lookit da robots!”  He immediately moved forward and spread out into a skirmish line, both to maximize his targets and to avoid my grenade launchers.spread out!

Of course, we’re playing 5150, so now that Eli had moved within line of sight for my Grath, they reacted to the Symon by doing what Grath do best.  They opened fire… very well.  Over on the right side is the sole survivor, too stunned to act.Well… that didn’t last long

Not having any more targets, my Grath sat back and waited for the next assault while my platoon headquarters Fast Moved to cover my left flank as that is where most of Eli’s PEFs were located.  Next activation totaled seven, which means time for some reinforcements.  As Eli had the six and rolled a one, that meant he got the reinforcements, which turned out to be Planetary Defense Force troops.PDF isn’t just Acrobat

Now when the PDF came out of the rubble, my platoon HQ spotted them and immediately opened fire.  PDF are not the most rugged troops in the galaxy, so they reacted by… ducking for cover.  Strangely, the Chain Reaction rules try to stay realistic, so if the best cover available is in front of you, you will “duck back forward”.  Half the squad ran back into the ruins, the other half ran forward to the building.  Hey, when it happens it makes sense.

Next to activate was my Grath squad, who had just lost line of sight on this very nearly final PEF, so they moved out from their defensive positions “lookin’ fer hoomins”.Possibly not my best idea

One of the unintended consequences of the PDF “ducking forward” was that the squad leader and one troop actually went through the front door of the building.  Did I mention that the victory condition for the defending force is to keep all enemy models from exiting North edge of the battlefield?  Eli and I simultaneously realized that he was not less than a foot from victory, and that all I had standing between him and the win was one Hishen rifleman.Victory in the balance

A quick exchange of gunfire put the PDF squad leader OOF, and the Hishen rifleman trying to get a good shot on the PDF troop who had ducked back behind the door of the building.Mexican Standoff

Meanwhile, we rolled another seven and this time I got reinforcements in the form of a Hishen rifle squad.  Since the final Possible Enemy Force was out on my left flank, I decided to mobilize my two Hishen squads to where the action would likely take place.Forward, March!

Back on the left flank (my left flank – East), Eli’s final PEF resolved into Star Army Regulars, and I was out of position.  My platoon HQ opened fire and scored one Obviously Dead result.  The rest of the fire team, being outgunned by my burst fire ducked back into the ruins.

Sometimes one is all it takes

auto weapons are good

My Grath squad moving from the center to the East had managed to get line of sight on the other Star Army fire team and that resulted in no casualties but the Star Army did have to duck back into the ruins.Trapped like rats.

Meanwhile, there was a game breaking situation inside the building.  Eli’s PDF squad leader was making a break for the table edge, which meant immediate victory.close… too close

To make matters worse, a seven came up on the next activation roll and it resolved as an APC reinforcing Eli.I’m really regretting losing that rocket launcher at the start of the game

In the east corner, my platoon leader came to the rescue, taking out Eli’s squad leader just inches from victory.Mission accomplished… somewhat

When I ran my platoon leader to the back of the building, Eli took that opportunity to press his Star Army and PDF fire teams forward out of the rubble in a bid for an end run around the edge of the table and onto victory.  My Grath and remaining Hishen rifleman opened fire, shots were exchanged on both sides and in the end several casualties were had on both sides and the remaining Grath were forced to Duck Back for cover.End of the firefight

On the West side, my two Hishen squads had taken up position to ambush the APC, but Eli managed to take out my heavy machine gun immediately.  After that, the remaining assault rifles and sub-machine guns were useless against the armored vehicle.  The APC easily crossed the table and closed the jaws of over



2 thoughts on “One More Battle of Defense

  1. Fantastic AAR Marz! Great table with lovely terrain and figures! I only wish I had the real estate you have – very nice 😉
    I am thinking of getting SA, although I’ve just bought Nuts! for my WW2 stuff, so we shall see …I’ve added you to my list and look forward to reading more of your progress 🙂

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