What should I do?

I’ve previously mentioned that I picked up 5150: Star Army from Two Hour Wargames, and had planned on using some Starship Troopers Cap Troopers as the Star Army, Flying Frog Productions Martians as Hishen, ans SST Warrior Bugs as… well, bugs.

I had also planned on selling this, along with the couple hundred or so infantry types that go with it:

What should I do wit this stufff?

6 thoughts on “What should I do?

  1. Communication on the blog is rather slow, especially since I have not checked in recently. I actually started photographing more of the Warzone minis but am now very reluctant to sell them.

  2. As evidenced by people finding this picture and expressing interest, Warzone seems to be coming back. So, there is always the posibility of taking what looks like the support group from a large Capitol force, and playing a game with it.

    While I am curious about everything else, I’m mostly just interested in those 2nd generation Purple Sharks and Great Grey.

  3. And I’d mostly be interested in squads and support like the Orcas and the 1st gen grays. I dont think enderoftheforge and i are interested in the same items anyways.

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