An FoW tank company on the cheap!

Well, I took my grandson down to Treefort Games in Fayetteville, Georgia to play a NASCAR game with the good guys of Atlanta South Wargamers Association, and we had too good a time.  How can we have had too good a time?  Easy:  we are committed to participating in the Battle of Kursk.  On a 16 foot by 8 foot table.  LOTS of lead, especially considering this is in Flames of War 15mm.  In order to get in this game, I have to actually paint my Flames of War miniatures, which have been sitting in their blisters for a patient two years.

Panzer III command tanks
Antitank guns for all those T-34's

Those are waiting for the airbrush to be fired up for camouflage treatment, followed by detailing and weathering.

Okay, those are all Battlefront models, EXPENSIVE.  My problem with getting my grandson into Kursk was getting him a tank company, since that will paint the fastest.  Unfortunately, Battlefront vehicles are retailing at $12.50 a piece at your FLGS, and I don’t happen to have $125 laying around, do you?  The answer is Zvezda models, available in the USA through Dragon Models.  They are rapidly expanding a line of 1/100 scale vehicles, conveniently the exact scale of 15mm, and each tank is retailing for less than five dollars.  Yep, I bought TEN Panzer III tanks yesterday, and the receipt says I paid (with gaming club discount and sales tax) $42.85.  The staff at Treefort had assembled and painted a Panzer III and put it right next to one from Battlefront, and they are precisely in scale with one another.

Oh well, out of time.  My grandson has ten tanks to paint, but I have a whole Panzergrenadier company to paint!



One thought on “An FoW tank company on the cheap!

  1. Zvezda, very cool, also chack out Plastic Soldier, their late war German Infantry has 130 15mm figures for $30, thier PzIV has 5 models for $30, small 15mm line but expanding, upcoming releases include SdKfz 251 1/2 tracks.

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