Relearning how to paint

Well… after only about ten years off, I painted some miniatures.  As I mentioned in my last post, I had just picked up 5150: Star Army from Two Hour Wargames and Invasion From Outer Space from Flying Frog Productions, and the Martians in Invasion are just too good looking not to paint.  Please don’t look too close, as I have found that my eyes are a lot weaker and my hands a lot less steady than they used to be.  I have also found that while I can still mostly drybrush, wet blending is far beyond me right now.  Let’s not even go into using a 10/0 brush!  Anyway, here’s a squad of Martians from Invasion which I will use as Martians (duh), Hishen in 5150, and they may make a guest appearance as Skinnies in Starship Troopers.

JoJo the Dancing Bear came out better than the Martians, she is also from Invasion From Outer Space.

JoJo the Dancing Bear vs the Martians

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