Am I a “Green” Gamer or Just Cheap?

Just 3 days before Two Hour Wargames released 5150: Star Army, I picked up Invasion Earth from Flying Frog Productions. The main reason I bought this board game was for the miniatures inside; 19 martians complete with domed clear helmets for their space suits. JoJo the Dancing Bear wearing a tutu was a major bonus. In addition to the 19 martians in the board game box, Flying Frog sells sets of these aliens at 9 for $12 or 18 for $22. Although they’re a bit small and molded from some flexible plastic, they look just perfect as “little green men” alongside other scifi figures.

On top of the martians, I also picked up Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures from Two Hour Wargames so I could “recycle” my Descent, Ravenloft and Ashgaroth miniatures.

I have just one question: in buying these board game tokens instead of figures from a traditional miniatures manufacturer, am I a resourceful gamer or a cheap S.O.B.? Am I stingy or “green” because I recycle miniatures?


2 thoughts on “Am I a “Green” Gamer or Just Cheap?

  1. I do the same things. Descent has some great figs, but I rarely play the game, so I am always trying to think of ways to use the figs in other games.

    I hadn’t seen Invasion of Earth before. It looks pretty cool.

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